Print your recipes and DIY photos with the Univhers app!

Univhers makes it easy to self publish recipes and DIY tutorials with girlfriends.


Publish and share your recipes and DIY projects!

Next time your girlfriends ask you ‘How did you make that’?
You can now easily post and share your tutorial with photos, directions and all the details!


  • Capture

    • Open the Univhers app. and browse around trending posts
    • Ready to make your first post? Select the hot pink button to start.
    • Choose a category (Beauty, Events, Food, Garden, Kids, Living, Style and Wellness)
    • Is it a DIY project or Recipe?
    • Select a photo from your gallery or camera roll, or take a new photo to be the main image for your project.
    • You will need 3-6 images to describe step-by-step directions for your tutorial.


    • Browse through photos and pick a few that describe your project
    • Pinch Zoom to resize and reposition the photo
    • Add it to your step-by-step ‘directions’ for your tutorial
    • Preview and Publish your post.


    • Print your Photos using your wireless printer. No online ordering!
    • Select ‘share’ and find the print button
    • Choose your paper size
    • Works with non-HP printers


    • Share via email, message or post on your favorite social channels.