Woodland Animal Treat Bags

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Project Time:10 minutes

These woodland animal treat bags are perfect for holidays, parties, or perhaps just to wrap a special gift.  Fall is here and for me that means all things woodland. I just had to turn some of my favorite animals into these adorable treat bags. Print them below, fold them up, and use them to give out candy on Halloween or add in those baby shower favors. However you use them, they are sure to be the life of the party.



  1. Start by downloading the printable files (Download) and printing them on your HP DeskJet 3755 printer. Be sure to use HP Heavyweight Project Paper so your bag will be sturdy once completed. Woodland Animal Treat Bags
  2. Cut around outside of treat bag with scissors. Woodland Animal Treat Bags
  3. Crease along all fold lines. Woodland Animal Treat Bags
  4. Add a piece of tape to pointed end of bag as shown below. Woodland Animal Treat Bags
  5. Fold bag tucking pointed end inside and pressing down tape well with your fingers.
    Woodland Animal Treat Bags
  6. Fold two large flaps of bottom in as shown below.
    Woodland Animal Treat Bags
  7. Then fold in two shorter flaps and tuck everything together as shown. Woodland Animal Treat Bags
  8. Use a short piece of clear tape to secure bottom. Woodland Animal Treat Bags
  9. Fill your woodland treat bags with some candy or a small gift. Woodland Animal Treat Bags
  10. You can definitely stop here and give right to your recipient. However, if you would like to close the bag, gather the top and punch a hole.
    Woodland Animal Treat Bags
  11. Add a little twine and tie closed. Woodland Animal Treat Bags
  12. Continue until you have one of all three styles.

Woodland Animal Treat Bags

Which of these woodland animal treat bags is your favorite? Which will you be giving a gift in this fall? I think my favorite is the fox but that raccoon comes in a close second. I am off to print multiple copies so I can give these as treats at the school party. Wish me luck!

Woodland Animal Treat Bags

Want to see just how to make one of these adorable treat bags? Just watch the video below!

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Angie Holden

Angie lives on a farm in rural Tennessee with her husband and three kids. You can find her creating Learn More

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  1. I didn’t know this was your post Angie. these bags are so adorable, just had to print them out with how-to’s. Not sure what will do with them yet but didn’t want to forget about them. If I put things in Pinterest or wherever I forget and can’t remember what it was I wanted, duh!, lol. What can I say?
    Hope you’re having a wonderful Fall in TN. Our trees are really starting to change, looks so pretty everywhere. Having temps in low 70’s. Fall was one season I so enjoyed in KY, the trees out where we lived were so vibrant and rich.
    Enjoy rest of your week

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