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Project Time:40 minutes

Preparing to go back to school, my daughter and I decided to do something fun and creative with her school notebooks.  We had a mini photo shoot and took pictures of her in different school subject themes. We printed the pictures with our HP Sprocket and used them as notebook labels.


  • HP Sprocket
  • Photo Props of Choice
  • Colored Paper
  • Glue
  • Notebooks


  1. First, set up your background. This can be very simple using things you already have around the house.  We used a mini chalkboard, a globe, books, and blocks. Get creative with different subjects.  My daughter is in second grade, so we did spelling, reading, and math. You can also have your child dress up. Use glasses for reading or a white lab coat for math and science.

  2. Next, we had our photo shoot with my phone and instantly printed our favorite three photos direct to our HP Sprocket printer. I cut out 3”X4” pieces of colored cardstock to use as boarder and peeled off the sticky back and centered the photo. I used a glue stick to glue on the photo to the notebook.

  3. This little photo shoot was so much fun. Take a photo for every subject just for fun and place the extra photos inside the notebook cover.

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