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Project Time:5 minutes

Have you ever done a 30 day creativity challenge? The idea is that you do something creative every day for thirty days as a way of jumpstarting your creativity again. Some people track on social media, others track on their blogs, and others put together a multi-media journal to memorialize each day’s project.

The HP Sprocket makes journaling so simple. Just photograph your finished project and send it to the Sprocket to print! When the 30 days are finished, you have a beautiful photo record of all your efforts.



  1. Photograph your completed creative project with your smart phone.
  2. Open the Sprocket app and select that photo.
  3. Send the photo to the Sprocket to print.
  4. Peel the backing off the printed photo and stick it into your journal.
  5. Add text, doodles, and other creative touches to commemorate that day’s creativity.
  6. Keep it up for 30 days!

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Jessica Hill

Jessica is the creative force behind the blog Mad in Crafts. Mad in Crafts is a source for crazy Learn More

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