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Project Time:10 minutes

Need a cute favor bag for a holiday or winter party? Or, maybe a cute little gift idea for kids to share with their friends? You can make these adorable little snowman kit treats that everyone is sure to love!

The kits are so easy to put together (we’ve got the free printable labels for your kit below)! You just need snack baggies and the fun food ingredients. The kits would be something that kids could put together for friends themselves! Gotta love a project that is cute and easy!

Snowman Kit Treats


  • Snowman Kit Printables (Download)
  • Snack baggies
  • Large marshmallows
  • Regular and mini chocolate chips
  • Soft orange candy (cut in “carrot” shapes)
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Red pull ‘n peel licorice or fruit rollup


  1. Download and print the snowman kit printables (Download). Printing on matte photo paper or light weight card stock on a photo setting is recommended.
  2. Cut our each of the kit labels printed. Snowman Kit Treats
  3. Gather your snack baggies and food supplies.
  4. In each baggie, place 3 large marshmallows, 2 pretzel sticks, an assortment of chocolate chips for eyes, mouth, and buttons, 1 cut orange candy “carrot”, and a strip of red candy for a scarf.
  5. Seal baggie and attach the snowman kit labels (with tape or a stapler) Snowman Kit Treats
  6. That’s it! Now they’re ready to give out & enjoy!

Happy Snowman Building!

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Sara Wellensiek

Former high school biology teacher and mom to 3 little boys, Sara owns the Learn More

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  1. This is a wonderful thing to make for the kids. It will keep them busy for awhile. I have 22 great grand-children coming to my house on Christmas Eve so they will surely enjoy doing this while they wait for the Santa Claus trucks to come around town and throw popcorn balls out to them. o thank you so very much for this. I know it is early but I wish you a Merry Christmas when it rolls around this year.

    1. I read where a couple gals suggested adding a small bag of icing in the kit to use as glue.vI don’t see the morsels staying in the marshmallows without the “glue”.

  2. Does the licking really work? How bout a little water on there finger. I think a little icing in a small container from dollar tree . They have little tiny plastic ones with about ten in a package.

  3. Please add a picture of a completed snowman to the out side of the bag for the children or seniors. I see the children not bothering with the project and eating the contents of the bag if they do not have a picture to look at. That is what would have happened at my grandparents house when we had 14 grandchildren of the age for this project.

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