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Project Time:10 minutes

Heading into the new year, make it a resolution to get more organized. In order to keep school and craft supplies organized, you’ll need a designated spot for each supply. Pick up a few stackable pencil boxes and organize your supplies into each box. Use the Sprocket to print out photos of each craft supply and stick it on the box, so you now know where all your supplies go. Place the boxes on a bookshelf or rolling cart. This should make clean up a breeze now that you have your craft supplies organized. You might also like my Gold Glitter Confetti Photo Display or Dream Catcher Photo Display.


HP Sprocket Photo Printer
HP ZINK Sticky-backed Photo Paper
Stackable Pencil Boxes


Place school or craft supplies in stackable pencil boxes, assigning each type of supply their own box. For example, colored pencils go in one box and washi tape go in another box.

Snap a photo of each type of supply. Print the photos out using your Sprocket.

Stick the coordinating photos to the pencil boxes. Place the stacked boxes on a bookshelf or rolling cart.

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