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Project Time:10 minutes

Why not start the New Year with a happy note – like a Random Act of Kindness! This is where you go out of your way to do something helpful or nice for a friend or stranger. It creates the feeling of goodwill, community and just plain happiness!

These cards are great companion to your gesture, because it explains what you are doing and inspires others to do the same. You can carry some in your wallet, in your car, in your desk drawer at work and so on!

Before I go into the tutorial, here are some ideas for easy and fun Random Acts of Kindness!

  • When in a coffee drive-thru, buy the drink of the person behind you.
  • Buy an extra candy bar and leave it on your workplace’s lunchroom for someone to find.
  • Buy $5 worth of $1 lottery tickets and hand them out.
  • Clean up after someone else.
  • Print out inspiring quotes and leave them in grocery baskets.
  • Help bag groceries for someone at the store.
  • Pass along a book you loved to someone else.
  • Print out coupons before you go to the store, then hand them out to shoppers.
  • Leave nice messages on someone’s Facebook page.
  • Tweet about your favorite business, be sure to tag them!
  • Use your spare change to put extra money in car meters.
  • Give someone cuts in line.
  • Put an extra tip in the jar for your favorite barista.
  • Write happy notes and randomly place them in bathrooms.
  • Acknowledge people you normally overlook – the janitor, clerk, cook, etc.

What ideas do you have?


  • HP Business Card Paper
  • Printer
  • Random Acts of Kindness Printables (Download)


  1. Go to Avery.com and open the print program, click on the business card template. Don’t forget to load the sheets in your HP printer. Random Act of Kindness Cards
  2. If you want, you can design your own, but make sure to save it at high resolution before you use it in the Avery template! Load it in and size it to your liking. Random Act of Kindness Cards
  3. Here we go, ready to PRINT! You can print multiple sheets so you can give a stack to friends and family to join in. Random Act of Kindness Cards

I love these! It’s such an easy way to spread joy and bring a little bit of happy in someone’s day. Unexpected simple pleasures!

Random Act of Kindness Cards

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