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Project Time:15 minutes

Write a letter to Santa and tell him about your Christmas list or maybe wish him a Merry Christmas too! With this free printable Dear Santa stationery, the kids can have fun creating their own personalized letter to Santa. Add a photo, draw your own picture and color however you’d like. Customize the page with glitter and stickers and any kind of extra art you’d like. This is a fun writing activity you can do with the kids too. My daughter and I spent a little time coloring together and learning how to spell “AMAZING”.


  • Printer
  • Printable Santa Letter (Download)
  • Photos
  • Something to color with
  • Cookies (optional)


  1. Download and Print out the free Santa letter (Download).
  2. Print out at least one photo using HP Snapshots app right from your phone. Use the Snapshot photopaper to create a photo with a sticky back.
  3. Write your letter to Santa and color the page however you’d like. Printable Santa Letter
  4. Remove adhesive backing from printed photo and adhere to the letter. Printable Santa Letter
  5. Sneak a cookie.

Printable Santa Letter

Once you’re finished creating your own Santa letter, leave it out by the tree with cookies or send it in the mail to the North pole! You can save these letters in a keepsake folder – then for years to come you can compare and remember your child’s Santa moments together. This is a great holiday keepsake that you can turn into an annual tradition!

This printable kit comes with two pages to choose from. One page has the photo box and a space to write. The other is holiday stationery with room for a longer letter, or use for your own holiday letter to friends and family.

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