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Project Time:10 minutes

Add these free printable Halloween candy wrappers to your celebration this year. Print these fun skull candy bar wrappers onto plain paper then wrap around any candy bar. The addition of google eyes makes them even more fun for the little trick-or-treaters that arrive at your home. These would also be perfect to send to class with your little one for the school party.

Printable Halloween Candy Wrappers


  • Printable candy wrappers (Download)
  • Copy paper
  • HP Printer and Ink
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Google Eyes
  • Tacky Glue
  • Candy bars (we used Hershey’s but wrappers can be trimmed to fit other candy bars)


  1. Start by printing your candy wrappers (Download) onto plain copy paper. Wrappers will print two to a sheet. Cut around one label with your scissors.

Printable Halloween Candy Wrappers

  1. Use your candy bar as a guide and trim the wrapper with your scissors to fit.

Printable Halloween Candy Wrappers

  1. Use tape to secure the Halloween candy wrappers on back of the candy bar.

Printable Halloween Candy Wrappers

  1. Add google eyes to the front of your wrapper with tacky glue if desired. This step is optional but definitely adds some fun to this Halloween craft. Allow to dry completely.

Printable Halloween Candy Wrappers

These free printable Halloween candy wrappers are ready for the little ghosts that come knocking on your door this year. Set up an assembly line to wrap all of your candy bars in our fun Halloween candy wraps.

Printable Halloween Candy Wrappers

These are also perfect for those school Halloween parties. The entire class will love getting a candy bar that has these Halloween candy wrappers in place!

Printable Halloween Candy Wrappers

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