Photo Mason Jar Craft

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Project Time:15 minutes

A photo mason jar makes a great gift for Mother’s Day!  This same idea can be used for graduation centerpieces and so much more.  Add your photos to a mason jar for fun décor and gifts that everyone will love.

Photo Mason Jar Craft



  1. Start by spray painting your mason jar white. TIPS:  Make sure the jar is really clean before painting.  Try using rubbing alcohol for cleaning.  Also, it is easiest to turn the jar upside down on cardboard for painting.  Allow to dry completely before continuing. Photo Mason Jar Craft
  2. Print out the photos you would like for your jar. I used seven vertical images for my jar.  You can print them in black and white by changing the color right in the HP Sprocket app.  Color photos can be used if desired. Photo Mason Jar Craft
  3. Then just peel the back from each photo and add it to the mason jar. Each should be overlapped slightly to create a continuous band around the mason jar.  Repeat until you have wrapped the jar in images.  Use care to get the pictures straight and line them up perfectly. Photo Mason Jar Craft

Your photo mason jar is complete and ready to give to mom or display around your home.  All that is left is to add in some flowers.

Photo Mason Jar Craft

Do you have some pictures that are just perfect for this project?  Print them with your HP Sprocket and make this jar in minutes.

I will be using these as centerpieces at a graduation party with my daughter’s senior pictures displayed.  How will you use this idea?

Photo Mason Jar Craft

Want to see just how to make this project?  Follow along with the video below!

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  1. I love mason jar projects and this is so cute. These would make the greatest gifts for guests visiting to take home.
    Im loving the HP picture printer I have never seen that before. I have pinned on my Mason board to share.
    Thank you for finding the Omhgww and sharing your blog.
    Hope to see you again this week!

  2. Thank you for stopping by #omhgww last week now your post is being featured this week and will be Tagged and shared on Instagram, watch for it. It will also be pinned on Pinterest and shared to Facebook.

    Now I hope you enjoy the little boost of your blog, and stop by again to share.
    Have a great weekend!

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