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Project Time:1 hour

When it comes to living plants, I’m not exactly their best friend. However, we do have a beautiful cactus garden in our backyard. I found the perfect solution to bring the beauty of that garden into my house in the ultimate everlasting way!

I made a photo cactus garden!

The idea is to use your cactus or even plant photographs and transform them into a fun decoration like this. I think this is a great idea for a craft night project, or maybe party favors. You can even more creative and use photos other than cactuses.


  • Small Ceramic or Plastic Plant Pot
  • 5×7 HP Glossy Photo Paper
  • HP Photo Creations
  • Dry adhesive
  • White craft glue
  • Cardboard
  • Glitter
  • Brush
  • Red tissue paper


  1. Take close up photos of a cactus or other greenery. Bump up the saturation in a photo editing program. Photo Cactus Garden
  2. Upload your images to HP Creations and print each image out on the glossy photo paper. Photo Cactus Garden
  3. Cut the pieces in half and glue them together using the dry adhesive. Photo Cactus Garden
  4. Cut out the shapes. You can freestyle, or draw a design on paper and use transfer paper on the photo paper. Cut away any white edges. Photo Cactus Garden
  5. Once all of your cacti are cut, cut a cardboard circle and use the white glue to secure it in the center of the pot. This will be the base to glue the cacti. Photo Cactus Garden
  6. Separate the papers at the bottom of each cactus and add hot glue. Secure to the cardboard base. Photo Cactus Garden
  7. Use decoupage medium to coat the cardboard, time to add the glitter! Photo Cactus Garden
  8. Pour the glitter over the wet glue, tip upside to remove the excess. Photo Cactus Garden
  9. Roll little pieces of red tissue and glue to the tops of each cactus. Photo Cactus Garden

And there you have it!

Contributed by:

Kathy Cano-Murillo

Kathy is a writer/novelist, artist/illustrator and founder of the award-winning Learn More

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