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Project Time:10 minutes

Use your favorite photo to make a custom Bottle Cap Keychain in minutes!

Creating with photos is so much fun, especially when you have a HP Sprocket! Got a great photo of your kid? Your pet? Vacation photo? Choose your current favorite photo and turn it into a custom keychain for yourself or a friend!



  1. Download the HP Sprocket App. Load the HP Sprocket Photo Printer with HP Zink Sticky-backed Photo Paper. Open the photo you’d like to print on your phone using the app and send it via Bluetooth to the Sprocket to print.

  1. Use a 1 inch circle punch to cut out the face or part of the photo that you want on your keychain. Trim the photo beforehand with scissors if you can’t reach the part of the photo with the punch.

  1. Use a flattened bottle cap already with a keychain, or a bottle cap pendant will also work for this project. You’ll also need a clear epoxy dot sticker. That’s it!
  1. Peel the backing off of the epoxy sticker, being careful not to touch the sticky side of the epoxy. This will leave a fingerprint on your finished project! Try not to handle the photo too much, either. Hold the sides of the photo between your fingers and carefully place the epoxy sticker on top of the photo. Press it down well, and scratch the back of the photo with a credit card or your fingernail to get any air bubbles out.

  1. Peel the backing off of the HP ZINK Sticky-backed Photo Paper. Try not to touch the sticky side for best results.

  1. Place the photo sticky-side down in the center of the bottle cap. Press well with your fingers so that it sticks well.

  1. Attach your keys and show off that new keychain!

  1. This keychain is also great for using as a zipper pull on backpacks or jackets!

Custom keychains are a fun and simple gift idea! Make a bunch for your friends and family!

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