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Project Time:20 minutes

Decorate your phone case with your own photos that you turn into art. You can use the Photo Lab app to create really cool art photos from any photograph on your phone. I used pictures I took of my 3 kids and then created a colorful phone case I love to show off. Customize the look with a ton of different art filters… I’ll show you how.


Note: I used my Sprocket, but you can decorate your phone case with printouts from any printer, You’ll just need to use sticker paper or sticky photo paper to stick the photos to the case.

About the phone case I used: I also used a clear case for my phone. This will protect my photos from wear and weather. You could use any case, just stick the photo art on the outside of the case instead.


  1. Edit your photos using the Photo Lab App. There are a variety of art filters to use for free, so try them out to find your favorites. Then save the edited photos to your phone.
    Phone Art Phone Case
  2. Print each art photo with your Sprocket.
    Phone Art Phone Case
  3. Trace the outer edge of your phone on a blank piece of paper and cut out the shape. This will be a template for the case.
  4. Stick the Sprocket printed photos on to the paper template. Trim to size.
    Phone Art Phone Case
  5. Place the finished photo art inside your phone case.

Phone Art Phone Case


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