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Project Time:30 minutes

Make your own Paper Hexagon Kaleidocycle, a mesmerizing paper toy with a colorful “twist”!

Before there were fidget spinners, there were kaleidocycles. Also called flextangles, kaleidocycles are a fun, hexagonal origami project for kids of all ages to color, assemble, and turn. And turn. And turn! No two kaleidocycles are alike, and you’re sure to be mesmerized by the colorful patterns for hours.



  1. Download the Free Printable Kaleidocycle Template file (Download). Print it out on HP Inkjet Matte Brochure Paper or cardstock. Standard copy paper is easier to fold, but using a thicker paper will make the kaleidocycle more durable.

  1. Using markers or colored pencils, color in the patterns.

  1. Cut the kaleidocycle out following the outer border.

  1. Using a scoring tool and a ruler, score all of the vertical and diagonal lines to make crisp edges and folding will be easier.

  1. Fold all of the vertical lines, then the diagonal lines in both directions. Fold them a few times to make the creases more flexible.

  1. Add some glue to the center glue guide. For best results, use a quick drying, tacky glue. You can also use double-sided tape.

  1. Bring the other end of the paper around, like a tube. Line up the center piece with the glued section. Hold in place until the glue has set.

  1. Line up the other two ends and glue them to the corresponding glue guide. Hold each one in place until the glue has set.

  1. Once the glue has dried, bend the 4 sections toward each other along the creases for further flexibility and to make sure none of the seams come undone. If the pieces come apart, you can re-glue or add a piece of clear tape over the seams.

  1. Add some glue to both of the end tabs. Bring the two ends together, and place the end tabs inside of the open end. Hold the seam in place until the glue has set.

  1. Sometimes the end tabs can pop out due to the pressure of rotating the kaleidocycle. To add a little extra support, you can add a piece of clear tape over the seam.

  1. Start slowly when you first begin to turn the kaleidocycle. The paper needs to rotate through a few times before it loosens up and becomes more flexible. If you go too fast, you can pop the glued seams or rip the kaleidocycle.

  1. This is a fun project for kids of all ages! Smaller children will need help assembling the kaleidocycle, but once it’s ready to play with they will be entertained for hours.

Hope you enjoy creating your very own colorful kaleidocycles!

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