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Project Time:30 minutes or less

Decorate for your July 4th celebrations with a cute and easy to make mini patriotic bunting. You can personalize this decor with your own mini photos and arrange the pieces however you’d like. I’ve got a free printable set for you today that you can use for all your patriotic decorating, just print and start creating!

Mini Patriotic Bunting

  • Printer
  • Printed mini photos
  • Patriotic printable decor set (Download)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (Aleene’s Tacky glue works GREAT!)
  • Twine
  • Hole Punch
  • Snapshots adhesive back photo paper


    1. Trim photos to size.
    2. Cut out all the printable pieces.
    3. Apply photo to the small square paper frame. Add accent pieces to other bunting banners, glue in place.
    4. Punch a hole in the top right and left corners of all the banners. Thread twine through the banners to create your bunting. Mini Patriotic Bunting
      Mini Patriotic Bunting
      Mini Patriotic Bunting
      Mini Patriotic Bunting
    5. Make mini accordion decor pieces with printable paper strips. Fold the paper strips into an accordion, glue ends together so 2 paper strips become one accordion circle. Apply glue to center of paper circle. Apply accordion to the paper circle, to create the decor piece.

Mini Patriotic Bunting
Mini Patriotic Bunting
Once all the glue has dried, hang up your new patriotic bunting to display for your festivities!

Mini Patriotic Bunting

Extra: Add a little sparkle to your patriotic decor by apply glitter glue to the paper before hanging to display.

Print out as many sheets of this patriotic printable decor as you like and create all kinds of fun party decorations this July 4th! You can customize your bunting with family photos and memories to show off your proud American spirit!

You can find more free patriotic printables from my site!

Happy Creating!

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