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Project Time:10 minutes

Paper pinwheels are a fun craft you can make with all the kids. Make one or make a whole bunch! These pinwheels are designed to move too. Make a whole bunch and then take them outside and watch the wind help them spin. Add a little pop of color with these cute mini pinwheels!

I’ve created a printable you can use to make your own pinwheels or use it as a template to create pinwheels with your own printed designs.

Use the free printable pinwheel design to make your own cute little pinwheels. You can use them to decorate a room, dress up a party table or just because. This is a great family activity that the kids can make and use for another project if they’d like.

Mini Paper Pinwheels

  • Printer
  • Free printable pinwheel pattern (Download)
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Thumbtacks
  • Straws (I used cardboard straws but plastic would work too)


  1. Download the free pinwheel printable designed by Jen Goode (Download).
  2. Print pinwheel pattern.
  3. Create a double sided activity paper. Put the printed pinwheel paper back into the printer’s paper tray, design side up, and print one of the colored backgrounds. Mini Paper Pinwheels
  4. Cut a straw in half so you have 2 equal sized mini straws.
  5. Use the thumbtack to puncture a hole through one side, about 1/” from the end, of the straw. Set aside.
  6. Cut out the pinwheel squares.
  7. Cut along each angled line on the pinwheel pattern, stopping at the edge of circle. Mini Paper Pinwheels
  8. Using a thumbtack, poke a hole in the center of the pinwheel on the back side of the pinwheel. Leave the thumbtack in place.
  9. Fold one corner of the pinwheel toward the center and poke the thumbtack through the corner. Continue with every other following corner until 4 corners are folded toward the center. Mini Paper Pinwheels
  10. Remove the thumbtack, holding all the corners in place, and replace the thumbtack in the same hole with the top of the thumbtack facing the corners. This is the front of your pinwheel.
  11. Push the thumbtack through the hole in the straw. Optionally, add glue to the inside of the straw to hold the thumbtack in place. If you glue the paper pinwheel to the straw, it will not spin.

Now that you’ve made these pinwheels. Use this printable and some of the other fun MyPrintly printables and family photos to create your own Spring garland and add a fun decorated photo gallery to your home.

Happy Creating!

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Jen Goode

Jen is a work-at-home mom of 3, 4th generation Colorado native and Doodler in Charge at JGoode Learn More

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