Mini Floral Photo Art Collage

Mini Floral Photo Art Collage 1,869 views

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Project Time:10 minutes

Did you know, you can make art with your Sprocket photos? Today I’m going to show you how to use the Sprocket and your favorite flower photos to create a pretty decor piece for your home. You can print out as many images as you’d like to create wall art of any size. Choose a specific color scheme or create new floral wall art for every season. It’s up to you. Let’s create some photo art!

Do you like taking flower photos too? Everywhere I go, I find myself taking pictures of the flowers in the area, so this is a great project to display those pretty blooms in a unique way. This project uses a standard piece of cardstock, but you could create yours smaller or larger as needed. Just adjust the spacing and number of photos for the final size you want to create.


  • HP Sprocket Photo Printer
  • Floral Photos
  • White cardstock
  • Pencil and ruler for measuring


  1. Choose the floral photos you’d like to use and print them out using your Sprocket. I chose 9 photos for this project.
  2. Measure and mark the margins on the cardstock using a light pencil line. Optionally, you can also measure additional center lines to help you line up the photos as you’d like. I use the margins and place the photos in the 4 corners first. Then I added in the middle photos evenly.
  3. Remove the adhesive backing from each photo and gently place where you’d like them.
  4. Frame your photo and display.

Mini Floral Photo Art Collage

Print out your favorite floral photos

Mini Floral Photo Art Collage

Measure margins for photo placement

Mini Floral Photo Art Collage

Place photos

Mini Floral Photo Art Collage

Frame to display


Instead of framing my floral photo art, I used a wood clip board. You can get fancy and use a frame with coordinating mats or go clean and modern with a pretty metal frame or even a canvas. This project can be changed in so many ways to create art for any room. Create floral art, or city scape collages or a family vacation keepsake! Check out this fun family DIY photo canvas for more inspiration.

Mini Floral Photo Art Collage

The best part, because the Sprocket is so easy to take everywhere you go, you can create this project on the road! Visit friends or family, take photos while you’re there, then create a keepsake to leave behind of the fun you had.

What will you create?

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