Last Day of School Photos DIY

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Project Time:30 minutes

Capture the moment with last day of school photos you can customize yourself. You don’t need a pre-printed sign or little banners for the kids to create memorable last day of school photos. Take your photos how and when you’d like. Then pull those images into your Sprocket app and add cute borders, fun stickers and comments to commemorate the fun from the end of the school year.

Turn your favorite end of school year photos into fun keepsakes with just a few steps and your Sprocket!



  1. Take photos with your mobile phone and open the photos with your Sprocket app.
  2. Edit the photos to include borders, sticker and the date of the event. You can include “last day of school” or the year or exact date, it’s up to you. Play with the different fonts available in the app, change the font color and resize the text however you like.
    Last Day of School Photos DIY
  3. Once you have the image decorated how you like, print it with your Sprocket.
    Last Day of School Photos DIY
  4. You can add the photo to a scrapbook or frame it for your family photo wall.
    Last Day of School Photos DIY

Tip: you can also draw accents right on the photo. Change the color and size of the drawing line, right in the app!

Photo tips for last day of school photos

  • Take photos of the kids together and the kids each on their own.
  • Try different locations either around the house or outside.
  • Have the kids stand and smile, sit together or have fun with silly faces and “strike a pose” moments.
  • Take your photos as fun images you’ll want to frame on their own and you can use the images for all types of sharing.
  • Have fun!

I hope you have a blast taking photos for the last day of school. Capture the spirit of the day and personality of your kids without worrying about trying to read your cute sign.

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