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Project Time:20 minutes


I love going camping with my kids during the summer but sometimes it is just TOO hot out. This is why my kids love camping indoors, especially when they have fun indoor camping lanterns. Try creating this project with your kids. They’ll love showing it off the next time they have their friends over.

Indoor Camping Lantern

Supplies for Indoor Camping Lanterns

Indoor Camping Lantern

Step 1

Choose whatever color of tissue paper you want. Take the piece of tissue paper and cut it the height and width of the container.

Indoor Camping Lantern

Step 2

Paint a small amount of decoupage on the clear plastic container and attach the tissue paper. Do a small area at a time, eventually working around the entire container. Let dry.

TIP #1: Smooth out the tissue paper on to the container as you go.

Indoor Camping Lantern

Step 3

Once completely dry, paint a layer of decoupage on top of the tissue paper. Allow to completely dry.

Indoor Camping Lantern

Step 4

Download the bear silhouettes I’ve provided, print and cut out.

TIP #2: You can also create your own silhouettes to paste to the lantern.

Indoor Camping Lantern

Step 5

Paint the back of the bear silhouette with a thin coat of decoupage and be sure to get all edges covered. Once painted, place the silhouette on one side of the lantern. Allow to dry then give the top of the silhouette a coat of decoupage.

Indoor Camping Lantern

Step 6

Once dry, place a battery operated tea light inside and you are ready to camp!

The best part though, is that you can use this outdoors as well!

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