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Project Time:30-60 minutes

Creating a glow in the dark party is a memorable way to throw a birthday party for your older kids. Get your guests excited for the party ahead of time by creating glow party invitations that really glow in the dark! The process is quick and easy when you use our template and the HP Invitations Kit.



  1. Begin by downloading the free Glow Party invitation template (Download).
  2. Open HP Photo Creations and choose to make your own flat card.
  3. Change the size to 5×7 and the layout to portrait.
  4. Add the invitation template to the card and stretch it to fill the whole card.
  5. Add your party information to the card.
  6. Load your HP printer with HP Card & Invitation Kit 5×7 paper.
    Glow in the Dark Party Invitations
  7. Print out all the invitations you will need. Glow in the Dark Party Invitations
  8. Use the glow in the dark puffy paint to trace the words “GLOW PARTY.”
    glow-in-the-dark-paint Glow in the Dark Party Invitations
  9. Allow the paint to fully dry before inserting them into the accompanying envelopes. Glow in the Dark Party Invitations

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