Glittery Matchbox Magnets

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Project Time:30 minutes

Magnets have and always will be a main staple of most any kitchen or office. They represent personality, but also offer function. How else would we hold up our favorite pictures or even better, little junior’s recent finger paint masterpiece?

Now we bring in the matchboxes! I’ve always loved crafting with these. They are cheap and readily available. There are so many ideas – ornaments, mini-gift boxes, party favors and more. You can find them at most grocery stores in the charcoal section. And now that the cooler weather has arrived, we’ll all be lighting candles, so they’ll come in use. I like to empty the matchboxes into a glass jar or tin and then use the matchboxes for DIY projects.



  1. Print out the collage sheet on HP Glossy Photo Paper. Cut out the images.
    Glittery Matchbox Magnets
    Glittery Matchbox Magnets
  2. Open and separate the matchboxes. Place magnets in a jar for future use.
  3. Apply glue to the center of the box and place the image inside. Press down with fingers to make the picture secured to the matchbox.
    Glittery Matchbox Magnets
  4. Apply glue around the inside panels, smooth out evenly with a brush.
    Glittery Matchbox Magnets
  5. Pour glitter inside and turn the box for even coverage.
    Glittery Matchbox Magnets
  6. Empty the excess glitter on a piece of paper and pour back into the glitter jar.
  7. Repeat process for the outsides, and the front edges of the matchbox.
  8. Let dry and if desired, add accents!
  9. Once everything is dry, add the magnet sheet to the back of each glittered matchbox.
    Glittery Matchbox Magnets
    Glittery Matchbox Magnets

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