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Project Time:10 minutes

I’m a mother. My beauty routine is pretty much down to 5 minutes and consists of a tinted moisturizer, mascara, lip gloss, and my hair in a messy bun. That’s my normal daily routine. If I’m heading out for the evening, or to a press event I give myself about 20 minutes, that gives me time to curl my hair and put on eye makeup too.

One of the things I’ve struggled with over the years though is creating new looks. I see all of the fabulous make-up looks on Pinterest, and beautiful women gracing the pages of magazines. I see the ‘latest’ looks, and the trends, but have no time to even attempt to try to re-create these at home, and then, what if they look awful, I’ve probably wasted what little time I did have available.

This is where Perfect365 comes in. It is the most simple app to use. I normally find these kinds of things quite daunting because you normally have to line your face up to a certain size in the screen and make sure you have a clear background, and then move and re-size everything as you try to add in overlays. Not the case at all with this app. I tried it with a variety of photos off my phone, I even played with the sizing (I didn’t have to, I was just experimenting) and all of them worked perfectly, but for the purpose of this post I’ll concentrate on just one so you can see a few of the transformations that took place with just the tap of a new look.



  1. Download the Perfect365 and HP ePrint apps. Give Yourself a Makeover with Perfect365
  2. Log into the Perfect365 app and import a photograph from your camera roll, or take a new photograph to use. Give Yourself a Makeover with Perfect365
  3. Play around with the different looks available until you find one you are happy with. There are both free and paid versions on the app and a number of pre-styled looks such as wild, glamor, and romantic, then looks from artists and brands, and you can create your own looks too. Personally though I’m all about quick and easy, so the pre-selected looks for now work just fine for me. With just the tap of a look it was automatically applied to my photo. Here are a few of my favorite looks. As you can see some are very normal, you can try out colors you wouldn’t normally, wear, and then you can have some fun with totally new eye makeup looks. Give Yourself a Makeover with Perfect365
  4. As you create each new look you can save the styles you like and compare them later.
  5. Create your own fantastic looks instead of using the pre-sets. And for a little fun there are a few pre-set holiday looks like these which would be perfect for a costume party or Halloween. Give Yourself a Makeover with Perfect365
  6. You can even play with different hair styles, including fun colors. Give Yourself a Makeover with Perfect365
  7. Don’t forget to check out the new looks and styles available, including step-by-step tutorials. Give Yourself a Makeover with Perfect365

Now, here’s the best part. Okay, that part is pretty fun, and great for sharing on social media, but you can also:

  • Print out makeup looks for your next makeover
  • Print out your favorite look and take it with you to purchase makeup so you can match colors
  • Take a printout of your favorite hair style and color to your hairdresser for your next appointment
  • Print out your favorite looks for Halloween or a girls night, or date night and stick them to your mirror as you are getting ready so you can recreate the look. Pop the printouts into the bag with your costume for next time. I recommend printing them on letter sized photo paper for this, then you can keep the looks in a file or with your costume so you can refer to them later too. Give Yourself a Makeover with Perfect365
  • To print out your photos simply save them to your phone (take a screenshot of them), open up your HP ePrint app and print away Give Yourself a Makeover with Perfect365

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