Fun Background Word Art Craft

Fun Background Word Art Craft 1,498 views

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Project Time:10 minutes

Make cute notes to share with your friends with the HP Sprocket. You can create colorful backgrounds using items you have around the house. We already love to print out our favorite photos with our Sprocket, right? Did you know you can take pictures of candies or toys and other fun things on your desk to create backgrounds for word art and notes? Yep! Head to your desk, craft room or even the pantry, we’re going to make some happy notes today.

Fun Background Word Art Craft

You can make these little happy notes for all kinds of things from decorating to making someone else’s day. Get creative, take pictures of fun colors and objects and write your own words.



  1. Make sure you are in a brightly lit area.
  2. Place the items you want to use as a background on the paper plate. This will help contain everything in one place instead of rolling around the table.
  3. Take a picture of the items.
  4. You can adjust the background image in the Sprocket app, or another favorite editor. I like to edit photos in the native iPhone photo app and use the text options in the HP Sprocket app.
  5. Once you’ve designed the word art you’d like to use, print it out with your Sprocket.

Idea – A few things you can take pictures of for backgrounds: candy, sprinkles, confetti, popcorn, cereal, flowers, feathers, sand, marbles, waterbeads, ribbon… think of anything colorful without a bunch of busy designs.

Fun Background Word Art Craft

15 Uses for Word art cards

  1. Make notes to give to friends.
  2. Use to make a greeting card.
  3. Create gift tags.
  4. Leave a note on the fridge or bathroom mirror.
  5. Create lunch notes for the kids.
  6. Print out word art and decorate your locker.
  7. Decorate a notebook, binder or journal.
  8. Create a bookmark.
  9. Make a note to leave as a secret admirer
  10. Leave a note on someone’s desk.
  11. Leave a note in the car.
  12. Decorate your phone.
  13. Put happy notes in your planner.
  14. Add a note to treats for a teacher or your neighbors.
  15. Make a note to put by your computer screen.

What fun items will you take pictures of for your own happy notes? Have fun!

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