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Project Time:30 minutes

Looking for a creative Father’s Day card to make? Show your dad how much you love him with a custom-made accordion card, featuring cute little photos printed on your HP Sprocket.


  • HP Sprocket Printer and Sprocket Paper
  • Scrapbooking Paper
  • Paper trimmer with ruler (or scissors and a ruler)
  • Plain paper and markers or crayons
  • Thick black marker
  • Pencil


  1. Draw oversized letters on plain paper with a thick black marker, one letter per page. Have each child color a letter. Add additional letters or hearts to extra pages if you have more than three kids (or have each kid split part of a letter). For a card that says “DAD,” make one page with a D, one page with an A, and then optionally, another D.
  2. Take photos of each child holding a letter (or team up more than one kid per letter, if you have more than three children). The best place to take a photo is in front of a plain background, like the house siding on your patio.
  3. Print each photo on your HP Sprocket.
  4. Cut a piece of paper that measures 10” wide by 3.5” tall. Mark on the back of the paper at every 2.5” so you know where to fold.If you have more than four photos, you will need to make a longer piece of paper. Add 2.5” to the width of the paper, for each additional photo. Tape paper together if necessary.
  5. Turn the paper over and fold at the spots you marked on the back (every 2.5”). Fold accordion-style (like a fan).
  6. To use the photos, just peel the backing off and stick them onto each section of the card, so it spells out “DAD.”
  7. Write your message on the empty panel of the card, or on the back.

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Heather Mann

Heather is the founder of craft blog DollarStoreCrafts.com and author of the book Craftfail: When Learn More

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  1. Wow!! This is so cool! I love it! I live my sprocket printer because i horse show and I always print pictures of my horse and it’s just amazing with all the backgrounds and decor that you can put on your photo! It’s just amazing!

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