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Project Time:15 minutes

Once you print your photos, you need a quick and easy way to display them. This precious photo display wall is sweet and simple and is made from materials you probably already have on hand.


  • Printed photos
  • Baker’s twine or other cord
  • Wooden clothespins
  • Nails and hammer (or thumbtacks) Easy Photo Wall

You probably have what you need to make this photo wall already, but if not, you can find the basic supplies for this project at the dollar store or your local craft store. I got baker’s twine in the dollar section of my favorite department store.

Before you start, print out your favorite photos from the HP Snapshots app. My favorite thing to do is to print straight from my Instagram photos–the app even pulls the captions I’ve already written and prints them on the photo.

How to Make an Easy Photo Display Wall:

  1. Decide where you want your photo wall to be. You can fit about one photo per 8-12” of cord.
  2. Hammer two nails into the wall, or alternately, push two thumbtacks into the wall.
  3. Tie the baker’s twine from each nail, keeping the string fairly tight. It will automatically drape down from the weight of the clips and photos.
  4. Clip photos from the line with wooden clothespins.
  5. If your line is very long, you might need to add additional nails along the length of the line to give additional support.

Easy Photo Wall

Contributed by:

Heather Mann

Heather is the founder of craft blog DollarStoreCrafts.com and author of the book Craftfail: When Learn More

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