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Project Time:15 Minutes

If you are looking for an easy, non-scary Halloween treat that’s perfect for neighbors, classmates and friends then how about these adorable eyeball monster treat jars. They are also perfect for neighborhood Boo Bags.


  • Avery® Print-to-the-Edge Round Labels 22807, 2″ Diameter
  • 4oz canning jars (alternatively you can use plastic soufflé cups with lids)
  • Candy

Eyeball templates – blue, green, red, orange, and yellow (Download)


  1. Visit Avery.com/MyPrintly and sign up for your free account.
  1. Download the template for Avery round labels 2″ No. 22807. When prompted, select the blank template.

Easy Monster Treat Jars

  1. Click on “Add Image” on the left side and import one of the colored eyeballs.

Easy Monster Treat Jars

  1. Every label should be the same color. You can either leave it like this if you plan on just doing one color in candy jars, alternatively, if you want to use a few colors, simply click on each label you want to change and replace the image with a different colored eye.

Easy Monster Treat Jars

  1. Save, and then print on your label sheet.

Easy Monster Treat Jars

Note: You can also download and save my completed Avery file here. To open it, visit Avery.com/OpenMyPrintly. Open the saved file, then Preview and Print.

Easy Monster Treat Jars

  1. Fill each jar with candy.

Easy Monster Treat Jars

  1. Attach an eye to the top of each canning jar.

Easy Monster Treat Jars

Your friends will love these fun treat jars.

Easy Monster Treat Jars

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Easy Monster Treat Jars

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