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Project Time:30 minutes

You can make your own DIY wedding sign with just an old board, a printer, and some paint. This simple method for transferring any letters to a sign will change the way you feel about hand painting. Anyone can hand letter a sign with our method. Just use your printer and a pen to transfer any image over for painting!


  • HP Printer
  • Paper
  • Worn board
  • Pen
  • Paint
  • Optional Template (Download)


  1. Start by designing your own sign in any program on your computer. If you want to make the wedding sign shown exactly, download and print the template(Download). DIY Wedding Sign
  2. Print your design onto regular copy paper. In the case of the wedding text that is provided above, cut the paper to accommodate the size of your worn board. Position the papers onto your board just like you want them to look when your sign is complete. DIY Wedding Sign
  3. Trace around the letters with a pen pressing hard into the wood. I go over each area two to three times. Be sure your paper DOES NOT move during this process. You can tape it down if you worried about it moving. DIY Wedding Sign
  4. Once you have traced around all of the outer edges, pick up your paper and reveal a slight indention into the wood everywhere that you traced. You have transferred paint lines to your project without any fancy tools. Plus these lines will not be visible once your project is painted. DIY Wedding Sign
  5. Then you just have to paint inside of those lines. If you want a rustic look, be sure to paint with a very dry brush that has very little paint on it. That will make gaps that will look like the paint has been on the wood for several years. DIY Wedding Sign
  6. I say the more rustic the board the better! But you can absolutely go with a newer looking board and a color of paint that will match your wedding. You can change up the look but use the same method to transfer your images to the wood. I literally went outside and found an old board from our farm. It still has the holes in it where it was used on the side of a barn. I just painted around all of those gorgeous imperfections. DIY Wedding Sign
  7. Continue painting until your DIY wedding sign is complete. I used a board larger than my design and just trimmed it with a saw after completing the painting. DIY Wedding Sign
  8. Add any design to a DIY wedding sign with our tutorial. Make one to point the way to your wedding, reception, parking, and more! This method makes it super easy and quick to make your own signs. DIY Wedding Sign

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Angie Holden

Angie lives on a farm in rural Tennessee with her husband and three kids. You can find her creating Learn More

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  1. What a great idea! I actually might take this DIY sign concept and write chickens with an arrow for my barn since it’s so charming and rustic looking. Thank you for sharing this week with us at Dishing It & Digging It.

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