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Project Time:30 minutes

You have a list of goals, a 5-year plan, and things you want to do throughout the year. But, most of it is on post-it notes, notepads, and in your head. Put all of your goals on a pretty vision board, hang it on the wall where you will see it throughout the day, and let’s get some of those goals accomplished. Get over your fear, stop procrastinating, and work on just one thing every day. As you accomplish your goal, you can remove from the board and add something else.



  1. Start by downloading the printable motivational cards I’ve created for you (Download) and printing onto photo paper using your HP ENVY Photo printer.
    DIY Vision Board DIY Vision Board
  2. Begin assembling your vision board with things you want to accomplish, for example: fitness goals, business, home improvements, travel destinations, and more. DIY Vision Board

You can see from my board that I layered everything from scrapbook papers, to magazine clippings, my free printables (available above), motivational quotes, and ribbons.  My board is centered around these things:

  • making something creative every day
  • doing something for myself every day
  • working today my goals every day
  • finding my ‘forever’ home with space for a garden and outdoor entertaining
  • improving my blogging skills – both writing, photography, and creative ideas
  • working on the new business we are planning on establishing
  • getting outdoors, and seeing more of the country
  • and doing all of those things with love, dignity, humility, kindess, and generosity

DIY Vision Board

DIY Vision Board

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