DIY Tile Photo Card

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Project Time:5 minutes

Make a tiled photo card for any occasion using the HP Sprocket Photo Printer!

Making a card for a loved one doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Choose your favorite photo and print it in tile form using the Sprocket! This card idea is perfect for custom holiday cards, get well soon cards, birthdays, and more.



  1. Download the HP Sprocket app to your mobile device. Load the HP Sprocket Photo Printer with HP ZINK Sticky-backed Photo Paper. In the app, select the photo you’d like to print. Make any photo edits, add stickers or borders, and save. Click the three dots below the image (above the print icon) and select the tile option. Send the image via Bluetooth to the Sprocket to print.

DIY Tile Photo Card

  1. Cut a piece of cardstock 7”x10” and score down the center to make a blank 5”x7” card. Use a fingernail at one corner of the photo to separate the backing from the HP ZINK Sticky-backed Photo Paper. Carefully peel it off, but try not to touch the back of the photo.

DIY Tile Photo Card

  1. Stick the photos to the front of the card, one at a time, about ½” away from the edge of the paper. Keep a small amount of space between the photos. Do not press them down quite yet.

DIY Tile Photo Card

  1. If you need to adjust the photo placement, you can carefully peel up the HP ZINK Sticky-backed Photo Paper and re-stick it in a new position. Once the card looks how you want, use your fingers to press the photo paper down.

DIY Tile Photo Card

  1. Write your message inside the card. You could also decorate the outer edges of the front of the card if you want to!

DIY Tile Photo Card

Have fun making your own DIY Tile Photo Cards with the Sprocket!

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