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Project Time:5 minutes

Tell your friends and family how thankful you are for them with some sweet “Thankful” Thanksgiving Favors! Work great as gifts or as favors at your Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving is almost here, and I’m so excited to share this sweet Thanksgiving favor with you! Add some candy to a bag to look like Indian corn, and tie on the watercolor “Thankful” gift tag to finish the look! They will look so great on your Thanksgiving table and is also a thoughtful way to tell friends and family how grateful you are for them this holiday season.


  • Printable “Thankful” Tags (Download)
  • HP Brochure Paper
  • 2” or 3” Circle Punch
  • Scissors
  • Clear Pretzel Bags
  • Twine or Hemp Cord
  • Candy (I used autumn-colored Sixlets)


  1. Print out the Thankful tags printable (Download) on HP Brochure Paper.
  2. Roughly cut out around the tags with scissors. Align the guideline on a 2” or 3” circle punch to cut out the tag. DIY Thanksgiving Favors
  3. Punch a small hole using a hole punch at the top of the tag. Set aside.
    DIY Thanksgiving Favors
  4. Pour some candy into a clear pretzel bag until it’s about ⅔ full. Set aside.
    DIY Thanksgiving Favors
  5. Cut a length of twine or hemp cord 10-12” long. Fold it in half, then push the folded end through the hole in the tag. Pull the two ends through the loop and pull it tight.
    DIY Thanksgiving Favors
  6. Twist the top of the pretzel bag, then wrap the twine around the bag until you have just enough twine to tie a double knot or a bow.
    DIY Thanksgiving Favors
  7. Give the “Thankful” Thanksgiving Favors to friends as gifts, or place them on your Thanksgiving table as favors for your guests. DIY Thanksgiving Favors

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