DIY Tassel Bookmarks

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Project Time:5 minutes

Get excited about reading with DIY Tassel Bookmarks using the HP Sprocket Photo Printer!

These bookmarks are super easy to create using the HP Sprocket photo printer! Pair a background image with your favorite stickers in the Sprocket app, and top with handmade tassels to create colorfully fun bookmarks to save your place and to share with fellow bookworms!



  1. Download the HP Sprocket app to your mobile device. Load the HP Sprocket Photo Printer with HP ZINK Sticky-backed Photo Paper. Download or take photos of colorful backgrounds. In the app, select the background photo you’d like to print. Edit the photo and add stickers, borders, and/or text and save. Send the image via Bluetooth to the Sprocket to print. Repeat to make as many bookmarks as you’d like! DIY Tassel Bookmarks
  2. Cut a small hole in the top of the print using scissors, a hole punch, or a craft knife. DIY Tassel Bookmarks
  3. Make tassels for your bookmarks: Wrap some string around 2-3 fingers (not tightly) until you have the desired thickness of the tassel. Leave a few inches of string, then cut. Wrap the extra string around the tassel, winding between the index and middle finger. Pull tight and tie into a knot. Use scissors to cut through the bottom loops to get the tassel fringe. Cut another length of string (about 6 inches) and thread it through the top loops. Bring the ends together and tie in a knot.

DIY Tassel Bookmarks

  1. Thread the end of the string through the back of the bookmark hole.
  1. Open the loop of the string and pull the tassel through. As you pull the knot will move down toward the bookmark, keeping the two attached.

DIY Tassel Bookmarks

  1. Place the bookmark in your book to keep your place. The tassel adds some flair and an easier way to find your bookmark.

DIY Tassel Bookmarks


Have fun making your own DIY Tassel Bookmarks with the Sprocket!

DIY Tassel Bookmarks

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