DIY Summer Utensil Pouches

DIY Summer Utensil Pouches 1,109 views

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Project Time:15 minutes

These cute printable utensil pouches will add a festive touch to your next backyard barbecue and they make it so easy to corral silverware when dining al fresco.



  1. Download the printable file (Download).
  2. Load the HP Photo Envy with Heavyweight Project Paper.
  3. Print out the design.
  4. Cut the paper down the vertical center line, then cut approximately 1 inch off the top of each paper.
  5. Fold along the horizontal line and glue along the two sides to form a pocket.
  6. Use a corner punch to round the top edges if desired.

DIY Summer Utensil Pouches


DIY Summer Utensil Pouches

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