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Project Time:30 minutes

Our children have been back in school for a few months now and fall photographs have been taken. After the holiday’s, it will be time for spring photos too. But, what do you do with all of those pictures? Whether you order digital copies, printed photo packets in assorted sizes or you simply take your own photos every year, it’s so easy to put together a school years photo frame that you can present to your child after they graduate. My mom made one for me that I still have almost 30 years later.

This frame is simple and inexpensive to make, takes very little time, and you could try different materials too such as a wood pallet if you don’t want the metal industrial look.



  1. Begin by choosing and printing any photographs that you need to, keeping in mind that you will need them all to be the same size. I made all of mine 3.5 x 5, then printed them 4 to a page using the HP Everyday Photo Paper on my HP ENVY Photo 7855 printer.
  2. Trim all of your photos, and then lay them out on your frame until you are happy with the layout.
  3. Use either a stencil or freehand text on top of your frame. I wanted mine to be more inspirational than just pointing out that the photos were from school years past (my son is in college now), so wrote ‘look how far you’ve come’ on the front, and then added the school grades and years on the back.
  4. You will need to paint a couple of coats, set aside to dry, and then using spray adhesive add your photos to the frame.

Now they’ll have these wonderful memories for years to come that they can show their own children one day.

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