DIY Salad Jars

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Project Time:30 minutes

I am trying so hard to be so much better about meal planning. I don’t know how often I’ve bought produce to make salads and then throw it out a week later. But, if I make it, and pop it into jars I know I’ll eat it because all the hard work of washing, chopping, and assembling is done – which in reality takes just minutes, but seems like it will take an eternity if I have to think about doing it.

Salad jars are perfect for so many things you’ve got going on too from backyard barbecues and picnics (hello, keep the flies away AND easy clean-up), to back-to-school, taking lunch to work, and even taking something healthy with you as you head out the door to soccer practice or gymnastics with the little ones.



  1. Download HP Photo Creations, then click on ‘Gifts and More’, and then ‘stickers’. You will see there are a number of designs already there for you, but you can create your own too by editing an existing design.
    DIY Salad Jars
  2. Once you’ve designed your labels, save them, and then print using your HP ENVY Photo Printer.
    DIY Salad Jars
  3. Mix up your jars of salad. Tip: Place wet ingredients such as dressing at the bottom and then work your way up to items you don’t want to get soggy.
    DIY Salad Jars
  4. Label your jars and serve immediately, or place in the refrigerator for meal prepping. DIY Salad Jars
    DIY Salad Jars

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