DIY Birthday Gift Card Holder

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Project Time:15 minutes

These free printable Valentines are perfect for sending to school or giving to someone you love.  A wheelie great pun that kids and adults of all ages will love.  There are two versions to choose from then just cut them out and add on donuts.  A quick and easy Valentine’s Day craft idea.

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Start by printing the free file (Download) on HP Heavyweight Project Paper on an HP DeskJet 3700 Printer .
DIY Birthday Gift Card Holder

Cut the paper into four equal cards with your scissors or a paper cutter.
DIY Birthday Gift Card Holder

Add curling ribbon to one end of your plastic bag.  Curl ends if desired.  Add in two chocolate donuts. Then add curling ribbon to the opposite end.  Curl ends if desired.
DIY Birthday Gift Card Holder

Use an adhesive tape runner to add your donut bag over the top of the wheels on the card.
DIY Birthday Gift Card Holder

DIY Birthday Gift Card Holder

Which of these great printable Valentines will you choose to give to the one you love?  Print enough to give to all of your friends and family because they will all love these cards!

DIY Birthday Gift Card Holder

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