DIY Pop Art Portrait

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Project Time:1 hour

Here’s a non-traditional, super artsy way to have fun with your photos – cut them up and make painted pop art plaques! I was inspired by ceramic planters and painted murals that show the tops of a head sliced off and then flowers and plants bursting out in full color!

The best tip is to use a portrait type of photo to give you lots of room to play. I used a wood plaque as my base and left it natural before adding the painted designs. You can add glitter or sparkle varnish too.

If you want, you can coat your piece in two-part resin afterwards, or leave it as is.



  1. Print your picture on 4×6 glossy paper.
    DIY Pop Art Portrait
  2. Cut out the head and just below the shoulders
    DIY Pop Art Portrait
  3. Use a glue stick to affix photo to the wood base. Smooth with fingers.
    DIY Pop Art Portrait
  4. Use the green craft paint the paint the background of leaves and vines, let dry and then add white where the flowers will be. Let dry.
  5. Cover the white areas with paint for the flowers.
    DIY Pop Art Portrait
  6. Outline everything in black if desired.
    DIY Pop Art Portrait
  7. Let dry. Paint outside borders of the plaque, and add a hanging attachment on the back.
    DIY Pop Art Portrait

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