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Project Time:20-30 minutes

Summer is quickly approaching and nothing says summer more than a tropical fruit shirt! Pineapples are all the rage right now, so I crafted up a quick and easy pineapple shirt for my toddler. My motto is “the more glitter, the better”, so I used a piece of glitter gold vinyl for this project and I love how it turned out! You don’t need a cutting machine for this project, just your HP printer and a few other necessary supplies. Happy crafting!


  • Pineapple printable (Download)
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Black permanent marker
  • Gold iron on vinyl for fabric
  • Iron


  1. Print out the pineapple printable (Download) onto cardstock, using your HP printer. DIY Pineapple Shirt
  2. Cut out the pineapple and trace onto the gold iron on vinyl, using a black permanent marker. Cut around the tracing. DIY Pineapple Shirt
  3. Place the gold vinyl pineapple on the shirt and follow the vinyl instructions to iron it onto the shirt. I recommend ironing on top of a thin piece of cloth. DIY Pineapple Shirt
  4. Allow the shirt to cool and then wear it! DIY Pineapple Shirt

Contributed by:

Vanessa Coppola

Vanessa Rodriguez Coppola spreads her love of glitter and hot glue through her blog See Vanessa Learn More

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