DIY Photo Clip Frame

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Project Time:10 minutes

Here is a cute and simple DIY to display your favorite shots! I love this photo frame because you can display a bunch of cute photos without taking up too much space. I used the HP Sprocket Photo Printer to quickly and easily print out my photos!



  1. Insert your printed paper (or a solid color) into your frame.
    DIY Photo Clip Frame
  2. Use hot glue to attach the clothespins to the frame. I used six because that’s what I could fit evenly onto the size of my frame. You can use more or less depending on your frame size!
    DIY Photo Clip Frame
  3. Use the HP Sprocket app to print out the photos of your choice using the HP Sprocket Photo Printer. Lastly attach your photos to the frame!
    DIY Photo Clip Frame
    DIY Photo Clip Frame

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Vanessa Palomino

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