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Project Time:30 minutes

Create a canvas of memories saved in your phone by printing them out using the HP Sprocket Photo Printer!

I’ve got hundreds of photos saved on my phone of my daughter and our family together from family vacations, school activities, and candid moments. I wanted to be able to display them in our home without cluttering our space. By using the HP Sprocket Photo Printer, I was able to easily (and quickly) print out all of my favorite memories throughout the past year on HP ZINK Photo Paper. Since the photo paper is sticky-backed, you can place the photos on a canvas to display those special moments in no time at all. Making a photo canvas for friends and family will also make a special gift!



  1. Download the HP Sprocket App. Load the HP Sprocket Photo Printer with HP Zink Photo Paper. Open the photo you’d like to print on your phone using the app and send it via Bluetooth to the Sprocket to print.

  1. Print out 24 of your favorite photos to fit a 12×12” canvas.

  1. Lay the photos on the canvas and arrange them in an order that you like. This way, you can change things around before you stick them down.

  1. Carefully peel off the backing of the HP Zink Photo Paper to reveal the sticky back. Line the photo up with the top corner of the canvas and press it down so it sticks well.

  1. After placing all the photos on the canvas, your newest piece of wall art is ready to display!

I love putting photo canvases together each year with some of our favorite memories, and will make different sized ones for gifts and to display family vacations! The possibilities are endless and they are a lot of fun to make!

Hope you enjoy creating photo canvases of your own!

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Lindsay Gilbert

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  1. I just made this as a gift for a family member but I noticed that the pictures doesn’t want to stick very much. How did you keep your pictures in place?

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