DIY Photo Art Pencil Holder

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Project Time:15 minutes

Add a personal touch to your desk with a photo art pencil holder. Create art with your photos, then personalize and print them with your Sprocket. Make this fun decor craft for yourself, or create a great group activity. You can use any photos already on your phone, add inspirational text and even change out the photos as you change your decor.

This photo art craft can include 4 photos, one for each side of the box. Or you can include just one photo on a single side of your box, it’s up to you. I like using the photos as backgrounds for word art and other quotes. You can use the Sprocket app to add text and doodles to personalize your images however you like.

DIY Photo Art Pencil Holder



Select up to 4 photos you’d like to use, one for each side of your box.

For each photo you select…

  1. Open the Sprocket app, edit and customize the photo to get the look you want.
    DIY Photo Art Pencil Holder
  2. Print out the photo using your HP Sprocket Printer.
    DIY Photo Art Pencil Holder
  3. Trim the photo to fit inside the box. Alternatively, you can stick the photos on the outside of the box, using the self stick back on the Sprocket photo paper. However, I like changing my photos once in a while, so putting the photos on the inside make it easier to change later.
    DIY Photo Art Pencil Holder
  4. Using clear tape, attach the photos to the inside of the box.
  5. Add your pencils, pens or paint brushes to the box and there you go… a custom pencil holder!
    DIY Photo Art Pencil Holder

Don’t stop there!

You can add extra embellishments to your photo art pencil box. Add a bit of glue to the top of the box and wrap pretty twine around. Press the twine in place and trim the edge.

Add some glitter – brush on a little glue around the bottom of the box and then sprinkle some glitter over the glue, allow it to dry.

Extra fun idea: If you make a mini Sprocket calendar, you can use that in your photo box too. I have a set of 4 photo boxes on my desk, 3 with photo art and 1 with this month’s calendar. Learn how to make a mini calendar here.

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