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Project Time:30 minutes

Make your own paper Chinese lanterns that you can decorate and color yourself. I’ve created a printable coloring page that includes everything you need to make these pretty little lanterns. Color the art however you’d like and then assemble in under 5 minutes. Or you can use this printable kit as a template to create paper lanterns with your own favorite patterns and paper.

DIY Paper Chinese Lantern


  • Printable Chinese lantern coloring page (Download)
  • Red cardstock
  • Red tissue paper
  • White colored pencil
  • Gold glitter glue
  • Tape – both standard and double sided
  • Twine
  • Scissors


  1. Download and print the free printable Chinese lantern coloring page (Download) on a piece of red cardstock.
  2. Color the lantern design with a white colored pencil. Add a little bit of sparkle with gold glitter glue. Allow glitter glue to thoroughly dry. If you don’t want to worry about dry time, use a metallic gold pen instead of the glitter glue.
  3. Cut out the lantern design block. Fold according to the video instructions. Cut strips leaving a 1/2-3/4″ edge.
  4. Cut a piece of tissue paper that is about 1″ shorter than the lantern height. Using double sided tape, attach the tissue to the backside of the lantern design, taping at both the top and bottom of the lantern. This will force a bend in the lantern.
  5. Roll the lantern and attach at the top and the bottom using tape. At this point, you could simply tape some twine to the top of the lantern and hang. DIY Paper Chinese Lantern DIY Paper Chinese Lantern
  6. For extra decorating, add a tassel – include the Chinese characters to the twine as a pretty embellishment. Fold and cut some tissue paper and roll to create a paper tassel. Tape the tassel to the bottom end of the twine. Add a paper loop inside the lantern and tie the tassel twine to the center of the paper loop so it hangs below the lantern. DIY Paper Chinese Lantern
  7. If you’d like to be able to include a faux votive candle inside your lantern, cut two strips of paper, tape the strips together at their center to create an X shape. Insert this paper X into the lantern to create a little shelf for the candle to sit. DIY Paper Chinese Lantern
  8. You can customize these lanterns to be as fancy or simple as you’d like. Use different paper colors, decorate the tassels in different ways or make your lanterns all kinds of fun.


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Jen Goode

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  1. Thank you so much for creating the downloadable templates! This tutorial looks great and easy to follow. I’m a high school student in Multicultural Club at my school and I want to make these as an activity with other members. This looks like so much fun! For the candles, I might do LED lights but I’m scared they might not be bright enough. We shall see!

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