DIY New Years Eve Bingo Cards

DIY New Years Eve Bingo Cards 1,396 views

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Project Time:15 minutes

New Year’s Eve is a fun holiday for adults, but sometimes the younger members of the family are left out of the celebrations.  This kid-friendly bingo game lets the children in your family participate in the fun of New Year’s Eve… even if they are not allowed to stay up until midnight!



  1. Start by downloading the free printable New Year’s Eve bingo cards (Download).
  2. Add HP Inkjet Matte Brochure Paper to your HP ENVY 5660 Printer, and print out the bingo cards.
  3. Cut another piece of the brochure paper into squares slightly larger than the size of the glass gems.
  4. Paint the flat back of your glass gems with gold glitter nail polish.
  5. While the polish is still wet, press a square of paper onto the bottom of the gem.  The nail polish will act like glue to keep the paper in place.
  6. Carefully cut the paper to the shape of the gem.  Let dry.

How to play the game:

While you are enjoying your New Year’s Eve celebrations, keep the bingo cards on hand. Every time you see something from your card at the party or on TV, mark that square with a gem marker.  The first person to get four in a row — vertically, horizontally, or diagonally — wins a prize!

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