DIY New Year Headbands

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Project Time:15 minutes

Make your own Happy New Year Party Headband with a free printable and sparkly glitter. This DIY party accessory is easy to make and you can customize with your own favorite colors. You can print the headband design on white paper or a colored paper of your choice. Color New Year art or just add glitter, it’s up to you.

We made headbands in a few different colors. My favorite is the Happy New Year art printed on light pink paper and coated with gold glitter. The look of black and gold for New Year’s Eve with a touch of pink is a festive color combination for the year.



  1. Download and print the headband art (Download).
    DIY New Year Headbands
  2. Apply glitter glue to the printed art and allow to dry.
    DIY New Year Headbands
  3. Cut out the headband.
  4. Fold the tabs at the bottom of the headband.
    DIY New Year Headbands
  5. Glue headband art to the blank headband using the tabs to attach the two together.
    DIY New Year Headbands
  6. You can use the extra stars on the print-out to decorate the headband more if you’d like.

Tip: If you don’t have blank headbands to craft with, you can cut the tabs off the headband art and make a photo prop by attaching a straw to the back of your headband to use as a stick to hold the prop.


Each printable Happy New year headband includes two slightly different headband designs. Color them, paint them and share them with friends. You can use the extra stars to decorate the headband designs. Or, use the stars to create party accents such a garland, drink straws and place cards. Have fun a Happy New Year.

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