DIY Mini Sprocket Calendar

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Project Time:30 minutes

Use your favorite photos and your Sprocket to make a fabulous fun, customize calendar for the year! You can make a mini photo calendar in minutes using your phone and your Sprocket. Personalize for yourself and then make a full calendar set for a friend.

This calendar can also be used to create a photo a day calendar, just change what the writing is and make a new print every day.

DIY Mini Sprocket Calendar

I’ve found it’s easiest if you have some graph paper to write on, so I’ve created a printable you can use to print out graph paper for this project. Just print on whatever printer you have.


Tip: it’s helpful to have a calendar nearby so you can reference the days you want to write. I took a screenshot of my full year calendar, from my phone and then printed that tiny calendar with my Sprocket too.

DIY Mini Sprocket Calendar


  1. Hand-write the month days on graph paper (Download). Any size writing is ok, just make sure it’s small enough to easy take a photo with your phone. Also, make sure you use a nice black pens – the Sprocket app has an easy time picking up the writing when you scan. I wrote the dates and the months separately so I can place them on my photos separately.
    DIY Mini Sprocket Calendar
  2. Open the Sprocket app, choose a photo and then make a “sticker” using your calendar writing. I scanned the dates and the month names individually. Tip: some months are the same or similar date range. You can cover up days when you scan with a white paper so you don’t have to re-write similar months.
    DIY Mini Sprocket Calendar
  3. Place the stickers you’ve created of month dates and names on your photo using the Sprocket app. Save and then print.
    DIY Mini Sprocket Calendar
  4. You can adjust the size and color of the sticker using the app editing tools.
    DIY Mini Sprocket Calendar
    DIY Mini Sprocket Calendar
    DIY Mini Sprocket Calendar
    DIY Mini Sprocket Calendar DIY Mini Sprocket Calendar

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use your own handwriting, you can either take a scan of a printed date set OR you can enter in the dates manually using the text tools in the Sprocket app. I found it to be easiest and quicker to just hand-write everything and scan it. You decide what works best for you!

I hope you have tons of fun making your own mini calendars. I think the hardest part was picking only 12 photos to use.

Happy Creating!

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