DIY Memory Pillows

DIY Memory Pillows 1,991 views

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Project Time:30 minutes

Adding pictures to a pillow has never been easier!  If you have lost a loved one, making these DIY memory pillows may just be for you.  Add them to your bed or a favorite chair to be reminded of them every time you go by.



  1. Start by loading your photo fabric into your HP printer.
    DIY Memory Pillows
  2. Then print your picture. Remember to convert to black and white if desired.  You will also want to choose best quality before printing.
    DIY Memory Pillows
  3. Print as many pictures as you would like on to separate pieces of photo fabric.
    DIY Memory Pillows
  4. The fabric just peels from the paper backing.
    DIY Memory Pillows
  5. Place the printed fabric with a piece of white fabric that is the same size. These should be placed right sides together.  Use straight pins around the outer edge to hold together.
    DIY Memory Pillows
  6. Sew around the outer edge remembering to leave a 3 inch opening in one side. Trim the excess seam with scissors all the way around.  Then turn the pillow right side out through the opening.
    DIY Memory Pillows
  7. Stuff with stuffing until you are happy with the look. Close the opening by hand sewing with a needle and thread.  Your DIY memory pillows are now complete.

DIY Memory Pillows

You can now add your project to any room in your home.

DIY Memory Pillows

Be sure to also watch the video below for more detail on how to make your own DIY memory pillow.

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