DIY Live Photo Cards

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Project Time:10 minutes

Make cute cards and include a surprise video in the photo! Did you know you can share videos with printed pictures and the Sprocket app? It’s such a fun way to share a little extra surprise in your photo cards. Today I’ll show you how to create your own “Live Photo” photo card.


  • Mobile phone and Sprocket App
  • Sprocket – I used the Sprocket Plus – you can use either size
  • HP Sprocket Plus Sticky-backed Photo Paper
  • A video saved on your mobile phone or one that you shared on your social media channels
  • Colored card stock
  • Markers
  • Other embellishments


  1. Start by editing the video you want to use. Use your favorite video app to do any editing to the video (trim, color correct, etc.).
    DIY Live Photo Cards
  2. Open the Sprocket app and select the video as your “photo” to print. Choose a still from the video as the printed image by selecting the little icon in the upper left of the video screen.
  3. If this is the first time you’ve printed a “live photo” the app should ask you if you’d like to embed info in your photo… select yes!
  4. Print your photo with your Sprocket.
    DIY Live Photo Cards
  5. Create a card with cardstock and markers, applying the photo to the card however you’d like. DIY Live Photo Cards
    DIY Live Photo Cards

Important note: Sharing the “live video” function between different phones only works if you first share the photo on social media. So, if you’d like to share a video with someone not using the phone that is storing the video, first upload the video to Instagram or Facebook, for example. Then, when you want to print the photo, print from that shared source rather than the local version of the video on your phone. Have Fun!


Now the magic! – View your printed video

  1. Using your Sprocket app, you can now view the video you just printed. Open the app, click to go to the select photo screen. Click on the upper left square with a circle blank photo square. Hover over the photo with the camera facing the photo you printed. Now, press and hold your finger on the center of the photo until the video loads. You can remove your finger when the video loads and enjoy your video!
  2. The video will play a few times before stopping. To restart it, just move the camera away from the photo and then realign over the photo.
  3. How cool is that!?
  4. So the next time you want to send a card to someone special, include instructions to view the surprise video and they can enjoy their extra fun card over and over again. (Video play does require the Sprocket app – it’s free!).

DIY Live Photo Cards

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