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Project Time:30 minutes

The Sprocket allows you to print out all of your favorite snaps in seconds, but what are you going to do with all those photos?  With just a few supplies, you can DIY a photo frame that puts the spotlight on your favorite pictures.



  1. Start by removing the glass and backing from your picture frame. Be careful not to break the glass or cut yourself!
  2. Hot glue the string lights to the frame in a zigzag pattern. Be sure to leave yourself access to the on/off switch.
  3. Print out your favorite photos using the HP Sprocket Photo Printer.
    DIY Lighted Photo Frame with HP Sprocket
  4. Add the photos to the string lights using mini clothespins.
  5. Hang the frame on your wall and enjoy!
    DIY Lighted Photo Frame with HP Sprocket

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