DIY Kids Artwork into Magnets

DIY Kids Artwork into Magnets 1,430 views

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Project Time:10 minutes

With the school year coming to a close it’s time for the artwork to come out of classrooms and be sent home. Piles, and piles of artwork. Every single year. And you will wonder what to do with it all. A few special pieces will make their way into frames, others will be discretely relocated to a recycling bin, while some might make its way onto the refrigerator.  How about turning the extra special pieces into fridge or whiteboard magnets? These not only make great gifts, but are useful and take up so much less space on the refrigerator (so you can display even more).



  1. Begin by taking a photograph of your child’s artwork on your smartphone.
  2. Open the HP Sprocket app and print the photo on the HP ZINK Sticky-backed Photo Paper.
    DIY Kids Artwork into Magnets
    DIY Kids Artwork into Magnets
  3. Peel the backing off the photos and place them onto magnet sheets. Cut out your new magnets and stick them on the fridge or a whiteboard. It’s really that easy!

DIY Kids Artwork into Magnets

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DIY Kids Artwork into Magnets

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