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Project Time:1 hour

Instagram has got to be one of my favorite social media outlets. I use it every day to share things that make me happy, my latest DIY projects, and of course places we go.

What I didn’t like though was only seeing my photographs on Instagram, I wanted to put them on display, not only for us to look at, but for family and friends, especially those who are not using social media networks.

So one day when I was wandering around one of my favorite architectural salvage stores I had an idea to use and old window as a frame, that way I could display quite a few photographs and rotate them out as I print new ones. I had purchased windows from this store previously, they are fantastic to use as backdrops for party tables and for various DIY projects. So I’m going to take you through the steps to turn an old window into a frame that’s perfect for displaying your latest Instagram photos.

DIY Instagram Photo Frame Project


  • Window
  • Eye hooks
  • Picture frame wire
  • D-Ring hanger
  • Small wood pegs
  • HP photo paper


The window I found (that I absolutely loved) and that would be perfect for this project had been painted blue, and was only $15.

DIY Instagram Photo Frame Project

The first step was to remove all of the glass and sand any rough edges while still leaving it looking as weathered as it did when I purchased it.

DIY Instagram Photo Frame Project

Once the frame was cleaned up, I ran wire across the back securing it with small eye hooks at each end.

DIY Instagram Photo Frame Project

I also screwed a D-ring hanger to the top center of the frame at the back for hanging on the wall.

DIY Instagram Photo Frame Project

I then downloaded my Instagram photographs onto my computer from my iPhone. I found printing them as a 5×5 was the perfect size for this frame, they weren’t too small, but small enough that I could fit four rows of ten photographs. I recommend measuring your frame and working out how many you can fit into a row and the size they should be before printing as each window frame will be a different size.

DIY Instagram Photo Frame Project

Each photograph is attached using a small wood peg that I found at a craft store for just a couple of dollars for a bag. This makes it easy to rotate the photographs as I print new ones.

DIY Instagram Photo Frame Project

DIY Instagram Photo Frame Project

Tip 1: Write the date and details of each photograph on the back so that as you replace them with new photographs you can pop them straight into an album.

Tip 2: When hosting celebrations at home, or decorating for the holidays, leave your frame up and replace the photographs with themed ones. For example, for the holidays hang photographs of your children with Santa, or photographs from previous holiday celebrations. If hosting a birthday party for your child, hang your favorite photographs of your child and their past birthday celebrations.

The best part about this frame is you don’t have to just hang Instagram photos, you can resize any of the photographs you want to hang to a square format.

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