DIY Handmade Memory Book

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Project Time:30 minutes

Show someone important in your life just how much you appreciate them with a handmade memory book filled with photos of all of the things you’ve done together. This is such a wonderful way to say thank you for all they’ve done.

We created this one for my partner (who lives across the country), but whenever the children are with him he always makes wonderful memories with them. He especially loves teaching my son how to build and do things outdoors (things that are not my greatest strengths), like fishing, building go-karts, grilling, and exploring. It’s important that we show how much we appreciate the time spent, and the memories being made, and what better way to record those but in a book.

As you can see from the book we created we added photos of the steps taken in making the memory, from the building of the go-kart, to racing it down a hill, learning how to put bait on a line, and then catching a fish. The photos tell the story of how the memory was created and how special it was.



  1. Print your favorite memories on HP Photo Paper using the HP Envy Photo Printer.
    DIY Handmade Memory Book
  2. Tape photos into place using decorative tape, and then add stickers with the date the memory happened, and anything else that makes you smile.
    DIY Handmade Memory Book

It’s really that simple. You can build on this memory book throughout the year and give it to them as a gift for their birthday, the holidays, or any other special day when you want to make them smile.

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DIY Handmade Memory Book

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